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Activity Defense Multiplier

The Activity Defense Multiplier (ADM) is an game mechanic generated index that reflects the defensive capabilities of a system owned by a Player Alliance.  In simple terms, the higher the ADM, the more time it takes an aggressor to capture your system and the window of opportunity to do so (Vulnerability Status) shortens.

For example, the chart below reflects the time it takes to fully entosis a structure or command node and the number of hours during each day during which it can be entosised.

The ADM of a system is derived from three specific indexes within a system.  In addition to determining the ADM, these individual indexes bring additional benefits to a system.

These indexes are:

Strategic Index:  Based on the un-interrupted time of ownership

Military Index:  The cumulative total and the continuous killing of NPC's within the system

Industry Index:  The cumulative total and the continuous mining and harvesting of ores and ice.