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Activity Defense Multiplier

CCP has designed an in-game formula that is used for calculating ADM's.  They are recalibrated at each down time.  The following chart provides the values utilized by CCP in the calculation.

As an example of an ADM will use the values highlighted in Red.   The Alliance with these level of Indexes in a system would receive an ADM as follows:

0.4     Strategic Added Value

1.7     Military Added Value

2.1     Industry Added Value

4.2     Total ADM before bonuses

In addition to the index derived values the holding Alliance receives a bonus of 1.0 for a owned system, which would make the Total ADM in this example 5.2.

Also, an Alliance has the ability to designated any owned system as their capitol, with certain restrictions, and a capitol receives an additional 2.0 bonus to the system ADM.

The Strategic Index is based on time, but the Military and Industry Index are based on activity.  These two indexes erode over time unless they are actively worked by killing NPC's or mining Ore and Ice.

Due to this feature, the more systems an Alliance holds, the more active members they need that enjoy mining and ratting in order to maintain their ADM's.

As a growing Alliance, Digital Vendetta is always open to adding miners and ratters to our roster of active members.  To find out more about us, click the link above.