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Capturing and Defending

Breakdown of the capture or defend event

The goal during the event is to reach 100% for the structure which is being contested.  You increase your percentage by entosising 'Command Nodes', which are game spawned structures.  Successful entosis of a command node increases your score by 5%.  The defender of the system, or currently owner Alliance starts at 60% while the attacker begins at 40%.

Command nodes spawn at random locations throughout the constellation containing the contested system or structure.  This creates the potential for conflict in all systems within the constellation and requires thoughtful strategy on the part of both the defender and attacker.

As one sides score increases, the opposing sides score decreases so that the total allotment at anytime during the event is always 100%.  This can sometimes create a seesaw that favors one side and then the other.

If the defender reaches 100% they will have successfully defended their structure and it will again become invulnerable and all remaining nodes will de-spawn.

If the attacker reaches 100% several different scenarios can develop.


If the structure was an IHUB or TCU, that structure will explode and then can be replaced by the attacker, defender or any other Alliance.  Once a replacement structure is deployed, it must be successfully entosised to bring it online and gain the benefits for the Alliance who completed the entosis.

If the structure was a player owned station(Outpost) it will enter what is known as Freeport mode and docking will be available to anyone.  Freeport mode will continue for about 48 hours, giving access to anyone which allows players to remove stored items if they so choose.

Once the station/outpost exits Freeport mode another entosis event will occur in which  Alliances compete by entosising command nodes throughout the constellation until one entity successfully completes the event.  They will then own the station/outpost.

This description of the Capturing and Defending process does not take into account all the various nuisances that can occur during the event.  The strategy of owning and relinquishing systems and structures can sometimes be complex.  Digital Vendetta is a great place to learn about all the various actions Alliances take to make the entosis event work in our favor.  To find out more, or participate please click on the highlighted text above and apply.