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Capturing and Defending

The act of capturing or successfully defending your system is centered around the entosis event.  The event itself is preceded by the successful reinforcement of an TCU, IHUB or Outpost(station).

Every structure in Sov Null, including Citadels, Engineering Complexes, TCU's, IHUB's, Jump Bridges, Cynosural System Jammers and Cynosural Beacons, spend some time in a vulnerability window.  The Entosis event only applies to the TCU's, IHUB's and Outposts.

Stage One

The first stage is the entosis of a vulnerable structure.  Vulnerability windows are easily determined by checking Dotlan and by scouting target systems.  It is a very simple mechanic.  While in a ship with an entosis link equipped simply target the structure and activate your entosis link.  The entosis link must complete one full cycle warming up (2 minutes or 5 minutes depending on which entosis link you are using).

Once the warmup cycle is compete, the structure will show a timer indicating how long it must be entosised.  Also, this will initiate an in game alert to the Alliance owning the structure.  Depending on a variety of circumstances they may come to defend, often times they do not on these initial events.

Depending on the ADM's (Activity Defense Multiplier) the structure will need to be continuously actively entosised from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

If this process is complete, the structure will become un-targetable and enter into reinforcement mode.  A time will appear indicating when it will exit reinforcement mode and once again become targetable.  This is always around 48 hours.

Stage Two

Stage two is the time at which defenses are most often mounted and the most PvP activity is generated in Sov Null Space.

When the structure exits reinforcement mode another timer begins showing the amount of time available to start the entosis event.  If it is not started by entosising at least one command node, the structure will become invulnerable and you must wait until the next vulnerability window to start the process again, beginning with stage one.