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Pilot of the Month

Pilot of the month is based on contributions to the overall Alliance and determined by Alliance Leadership.

Eileen Black

Decompression Theory

With a rousing thank you to Eileen Black for his tireless efforts these past several months we designate him as our first official 'Pilot of the Month'.

Eileen designed our new secure forums and provides hosting services on one of his private servers to assure the security of our deepest secrets and future plans.   Eileen played a crucial role in the roll-out of our new web-site to assure it operates smoothly, providing us with a superior online presence for all things EVE.

In addition, Eileen and Serene Audene are both working hard to develop some critical new Alliance Management Tools that will help us operate more efficiently, creating superior results and quicker responses for our member corporations and more exact critical information.

Thank you Eileen for all your hard work and help.


March 2017