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Pilot of the Month

Pilot of the month is based on contributions to the overall Alliance and determined by Alliance Leadership.

A member of Digital Vendetta since August 2016 Jega is one of our most active members, constantly scanning the cosmos for danger and adventure and leading a large number of fun Roams throughout our area and beyond.

Jega continues to increase his dangerous rating, now at 55%, with a 98% ISK efficiency.

By constantly sharing ships and modules with Digital Vendetta members, he helps exemplify the camaraderie of EVE Online.   Through his prolific activities as an FC, Jega creates enjoyable and thought provoking entertainment for our members.


Whenever you log onto EVE you will almost always find Jega online ready, willing, and able to participate in this wonderful game.

A little-known fact about Jega is that he is the only pilot that lays claim to his own namesake system, PNS7-J.

Thank you Jega for all your hard work and constant companionship.


Jega Grant
Decompression Theory
May  2017