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Pilot of the Month

Pilot of the month is based on contributions to the overall Alliance and determined by Alliance Leadership.

Mike Eventide was one of the first members of Digital Vendetta, joining a month after it began, first with ‘Sailors Of The Seven Seas’ and now as CEO of ‘Tide Industries’.  Prior to that he spent two years at EVE University constantly mining in the pocket behind PC9.

Tide Industries is a family operation calling upon the families of Slowtide, Riptide, Foretide, Lowtide, Hightide, Lonetide, Notide and Eventide, 19 members in all.  Mike controls them all as they harvest, process and build.  The total M3 of ores involved must be in the Trillions.

Mike is primarily active during the EU time zone period, but is often online throughout the day, visiting with most of our members.  Many of the ships and modules used by Digital Vendetta have been built by Mike or, at the very least, contain minerals refined from his massive harvesting efforts.

If you happen to see Mike online take a moment to thank him for all his hard work and congratulate him on being selected Pilot of the Month for June.


Mike Eventide

Tide Industries

June 2017