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Pilot of the Month

Pilot of the month is based on contributions to the overall Alliance and determined by Alliance Leadership.

Badboy geezer is one of those people that even if you just met him, you feel like you’ve known him for years.  He fits right in with the culture, camaraderie, and friendship of Digital Vendetta. 


An EVE player for over a decade he has more than 230 million skill points.  Over the years he has been a member of a variety of corporations and alliances, but he has found his true home here at Digital Vendetta.

According to Zkillboard he maintains an 89% dangerous rating and has added a lot of green to our killboard.

By day he is a mild mannered sheep farmer in Eastern Washington and by night a mild mannered pilot who is fun, supportive and generous to his fellow pilots.  He has been a major contributor to our fund-raising efforts to purchase our first Keepstar and is always helpful.

If you see him around make sure to say hello and congratulate him on Pilot of the Month.


Badboy Geezer

Decompression Theory

September  2017