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Decompression Theory was recently spun out of Pro Dive Shop and is one of the prime drivers of PvP content for Digital Vendetta members.  As the home corporation for our Military Director; Entriri Crendraven, most of our aspiring FC's are members of Decompression Theory.

Decompression Theory is a key member Corporation of the Sov Holding Alliance, Digital Vendetta.  Although our members participate in a variety of activities such as mining, exploration and site running, we are the military arm of the Alliance.

Under the auspices of our Alliance Military Director, Entriri Crendraven, we operate the well regarded 'Fleet Commander School' for all interested Alliance members.  If you have interest in becoming an experienced FC, Decompression Theory will be a good fit.  Please click on the highlighted link for more information about the FC School.

Decompression Theory

Forseti Vali