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Pilot of the Month

Pilot of the month is based on contributions to the overall Alliance and determined by Alliance Leadership.

Serene Audene

Netflix and Kill

April 2017

Past Pilot's of the month

Congratulations to our November 2017 Pilot of the month, Digital Vendetta Members.   This past month was by far the most active, nailbiting, confusing, stresssful and challenge time for our one year old Alliance.  Rather than single out an individual member, this month we want to salute every member for their contribution and sacrifice in this latest, “Drone Lands War”.

Although some skirmishes occurred in the lead up to the big battle, the first major event of the War saw the Drone Federation Coalition battle for several hours over an anchoring Darkness Keepstar in MTO.  The battle was very close and could have gone either way. 


Dozens of Digital Vendetta Members where present for this fight and their participation and fighting spirit was a major factor in a 300 billion ISK Keepstar kill on October 11th at 14:02 EVE time.   


The enemy fielded nearly fifty titans in the defense of the Keepstar, but our relentless pursuit in defending our space overcame these impossible odds. 

That is just one example of numerous battles throughout Perrigen Falls and nearby regions.

In addition to all our members, special thanks to all the Coalition FC’s that have keep us in the fight.

Jega Grant
Decompression Theory
May  2017

Eileen Black

Decompression Theory

March 2017

Abe Jinmei

Sturmgrenadier Inc

Ocotber 2017

Mike Eventide

Tide Industries

June 2017

Badboy Geezer

Decompression Theory

October  2017