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Player Assistance

When navigating around EVE, particularly in Sov Null Space, it is important to have as many tools as possible to aid in the playing of EVE Online.  There are a vast number of resources available to help you in EVE.  A few of the more popular ones are listed here.


First and foremost among out of game tools is Dotlan.  Dotlan provides an easy to read map of each region of space, plus detailed information about each system.  If you have an extra monitor, you should have Dotlan open to your current region at all times.  DOTLAN


When scouting and you need to report to fleet mates about the ships that are in a system with you, one of the best tools is D-scan.me. D-scan.me

Overview Settings

Your overview settings can literally make the difference between life or death and success or failure in EVE Online.  There are a variety of overview packets available for use in EVE to help make the task of setting up a good overview easier than it might otherwise be.

The easiest way to take advantage of these is by joining the in-game chat channel for each particular overview tool.



      Z-S Overview

Simply join one of these channels in order to download their respective overviews.


Ship Fitting Tools
Pirate's Little Helper

Pirate's Little Helper is a multi-purpose out of game scanning tool that helps to identify pilots' and activity in systems.   For more information and download, visit their site at;  Pirate's Little Helper

The fitting of ships with modules and weapons is almost a meta-game in and of its' self.  Although EVE Online has made some progress with the ingame fitting window, a better and more flexible way to do this is through one of the two most popular fitting tools.  These are independent programs that run out of game, but pull skills from your in game character.  Once you have your desired fitting, you can import it into EVE and use it to fit ships.

EFT:  EFT Download Link

Pyfa:  Pyfa Download Link