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Sov Null Structures

Unique Sov Null Structures

Territorial Claim Unit (TCU)

A TCU functions as a system identifier as owned by or 'claimed' by a particular Alliance.  They are a deployable structure and must be purchased or constructed, then moved to the appropriate system and deployed.

Infrastructure Hub (IHUB)

An IHUB is an upgradable structure which can be fitted with a variety of upgrade modules to improve various aspects of the system.  Note:  An IHUB does not necessary have to be of the same Alliance that erected the systems TCU.

Jump Bridge

A jump bridge is a deployable structure that provides an immediate jump, much like a Titan Bridge, to instantaneously transport you to another connected Jump Bridge.  This provides for rapid movement within an Alliance or Coalition's sphere of influence.

Cynoraurl Inhibitors

A deployable structure that prevents ships from lighting cynos within your system.  Useful to help prevent hostile fleets from suddenly appearing in your system.

Outpost/Player Owned Station

A station that can be deployed or captured through the entosis mechanic.  Much like a Citadel, it can be fitted with various modules to provide clone bays, markets, repair and fitting services to occupants.  As of recent patches, no new player owned stations can be deployed.

Cynoraurl Beacons

A deployable structure that functions as a cyno, allowing jump capable ships, such as Black Ops Battleships, Carriers, Super Carriers and Dreadnoughts to 'jump' to the beacon if they are within cyno range.