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Sov Null Overview

Many players have yet to venture into Sov Null, uncertain how it works and viewing it as extremely dangerous. 

Sov Null Structures

Sov Null is Null Security Space Regions in which system ownership is held by Player Alliance's instead of NPC Factions.  Alliances can deploy a variety of structures which are unique to Sov Null.


To claim or conquer a system or Station (outpost) requires a multi-step process called Entosis. Sov Null Space is the only areas of EVE that employ this process.

Capture/Defend Event

The Entosis Event can be a multi-stage event that takes place throughout an entire constellation.

Activity Defense Multipliers

The game mechanic that makes your system more resistant to attack and makes you PVE activities more profitable.

Where is Sov Null

Sov Null is all around you.  Over one-half of the EVE Universe is Sov Null.

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Sov Null Introduction