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Sov Null Overview

Sov Null are Null Security space regions in which system ownership can be claimed by Player Alliances.  Individual players or corporations can not own Sov Null Space.  Like NPC controlled Null Space, there is no law enforcement, Concord is not present and security status has no effect on your gameplay.  Your security status does not diminish from any actions taken, but NPC kills will raise your security status.  It is not unusual for an active PvPer and Ratter to have very high security status which is helpful if you venture into Low Sec space for combat engagements.

Ownership of Sov Null space can only be achieved through the Entosis Mechanic, not through structure bashing.

Virtually all of Sov Null is already controlled by Alliances, who in turn are most often members of a large to very large Coalition of other player Alliances, making entry into Sov Null nearly impossible, except as a renter.  Renting systems from large powerful Alliances is very expensive and can costs multiple billions of ISK per month.

Diplomacy is a key factor to life in Sov Null.  For example, we maintain blue status with all of our neighbors in Perrigen Falls and are a key military element in defending the region from encroachment or beachhead operations by potential enemies.  This helps generate PvP content for players that are so inclined.  By the same token, miners and industrialist can conduct their operations in relative safety. 

Sov Null space spawns the richest mining anomalies and some of the most profitable combat anomalies in EVE.  Just as in every other part of EVE, there is a tremendous need for miners and industrialist to create the materials needed to supply the Alliance with the vast amount of ships, modules, ammunition and fuel needed to keep a complex organization functioning.