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Ship Replacement Program

You must be a registered user of Fleet UP in order to see the Doctrine Fits.

Fleet Interceptors

Fleet Interceptors must be reasonably fit for use in fleets as Scout and Fast Tackle.  The Alliance will replace the following Hulls:

  • Malediction (Amarr)

  • Crow (Caldari)

  • Ares (Gallente)

  • Stiletto (Minmatar)

Interdictor Hulls

Interdictor Hulls must be fit in accordance with the Alliance Doctrine Fits.  The Alliance will replace the Hull and you will be responsible for refitting.

  • Heretic (Amarr)

  • Flycatcher (Caldari)

  • Eris (Gallente)

  • Sabre (Minmatar)

Logistical Hulls will be replaced only if the ship lost is fitted in accordance with the Alliance Doctrine Fits.  It is your responsibility to refit the Hull.

  • Augoror (Amarr)

  • Exequror (Caldari)

  • Osprey (Gallente)

  • Scythe (Minmatar)

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Start Date:   March 10, 2017

Coverage:  Unfitted Hulls for Tech I Logi, Interdictors and Fleet Interceptors


  1. Ship loss while actively participating in an Alliance lead fleet Roam, or QRF.  (No coverage for Coalition fleets)

  2. FC must be an approved or an actively training Alliance Fleet Commander; enrolled in the Fleet Commander School.

  3. FC must post an AAR within 72 hours after the completion of the fleet.

  4. Claims for coverage must be made via a post to the AAR, linking your loss from Zillboard.  Post must be within 5 days from completion of the fleet.

  5. Lost ship must conform to our approved doctrine fits.  For purposes of SRP, drones of your choosing maybe used in Logi fits.

ISK in Lieu of Hull:  In the event unfitted hulls are unavailable at the time of reimbursement, you will be provided with an equivalent ISK value based on the average of the Jita buy and Jita Sell value.

Delivery of Hull:  Personal trade, contract, delivery, etc.

Market Building:  In addition to providing members with this Ship Replacement Program, our goal is to provide an incentive to substantially build 4-1 Dive Bar into a Market Hub for Perrigen Falls.  If you are interested please check the doctrine fits in Fleet Up for fittings and begin stocking the market with modules.