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Where is Sov Null?

Sov Null is all around you.  Take a look at the two maps below for an idea of where it is and the shear vastness of it.

There are approximately 65 regions in the EVE Online Universe with over 5,000 total systems.  Sov Null is by far the largest area type in EVE with about 35 total Regions being entirely or partly Sov Null.

This map shows all of the Sov Null areas of New Eden as colors reflecting the Alliance that owns the Regions.

Some smaller Alliance may hold space in their territories, but those reflected are the dominate Alliance.  For example Digital Vendetta and several other Alliances hold space in Shadow of xDeathx area,  through diplomacy and by providing military support in defending the area.

This map reflects the influence of Coalitions in New Eden.  Although there is no game mechanic recognizing Coalitions, they are real and many are very powerful.  Coalitions are usually a group of Alliances that have common goals or have banded together for strength.

As you can see from this map, the area we live is part of the Drone Region Federation, which together hold a very large part of Sov Null.

Daily Sov Map

Coalition Sov Map

By clicking on each map you can view a large and up to date version of the map.